ER Mapper Training

(ER Mapper Authorized Trainers)

GISL is a UK based consultancy company specializing in remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) applications. Since early 1993 GISL have been using ER Mapper on a number of projects worldwide and have assisted Earth Resource Mapping with the production of a number of their application examples. As an "Authorized ER Mapper Trainer" GISL offers specialist training and applications-driven, information handling consultancy services in the geoscience and environmental sectors throughout the world. GISL is based in the UK with offices in Accra (Ghana) and Windhoek (Namibia). Training can be tailor-made to the requirements of the client or to cover the following:

Introduction to ER Mapper

2-3 days, covers basic use of the product for general image processing, data integration (including vectors), import, export, hardcopy production and map composition using satellite remote sensing examples. This course offers new users of ER Mapper hands-on training covering the main features the product offers.

Introduction to ER Mapper for land and water applications

2-3 days, covering basic use of the product with an emphasis on land and water applications with specific examples to demonstrate the techniques used for enhancing, classifying and processing natural resource data.

Introduction to ER Mapper for oil and gas applications

2-3 days, covering basic use of the product with an emphasis on exploration geophysics and seismic data examples.

One-day application-specific courses

Application-specific courses for land information, oil and gas, mineral exploration, GIS integration, photogrammetry, videography and other topics. These can be stand alone courses, or added onto the standard 3-day Introduction course if needed. Prerequisites are the 3-day course or good familiarity with ER Mapper 5.v

(All courses are conducted in a facility that allows hands-on use of the product with no more than two trainees per workstation. Courses with no hands-on will only be offered in special cases. Trainees receive a ``workbook'' that contains topic/concept overviews and hands-on exercises. The workbook will reference example datasets included on the ER Mapper CD-ROM so the exercises can be repeated at any time after training.)

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