2001 Aerial Photography acquisition for rural villages - Ghana - GTZ

Aerial survey of rural villages for planning purposes.


1999 Ghana Cocoa Board Needs Assessment - Ghana - Cocoa Board

Needs assessment study.


1998 Forest Sector Development Programme - Ghana - DFID

Design and implementation of programme component to update forest reserve maps Acquisition of SPOT XS imagery, geometric correction, image map production and training.


1998 Accra Sustainable Programme - Ghana - UNCHS/UNDP

Appointed to provide hardware, software, peripherals and consumables and training in ArcView to ASP as part of the upgrading of their original installation (1992). The system is to play a central part in the implementation of the planning system for Accra Metropolitan Area.


1998 South East Greenbelt Project - Ghana - Town and Country Planning Department, MEST

Appointed to prepare guidelines for the implementation of greenbelt for the Accra-Tema conurbation. The project aims to promote the development of a greenbelt system by preparing policies, strategies and guidelines for planning authorities and developers on the use and development of land within the greenbelt zone. Activities to enable this include substantial data collation and analysis using GIS for boundary definition, legislative review, land use planning and zoning (using the GIS in conjunction with SPOT satellite data and airborne videography), environmental monitoring and greenbelt evaluation guidelines, institutional appraisal and recommendations for project implementation and management. A collaborative approach in which the stakeholders play a valuable and active part in the planning process underlies this study. The consultancy will prepare, within a 20-year framework, programmes and projects to be implemented over the short, medium and long-term to guide the District Assemblies affected by the greenbelt.


1997-8 Protected Areas Development Programme - Ghana - EC

Production of 1:50000 scale image maps of two protected areas (Bia and Ankasa Forest Reserves) in Western Region of Ghana using Landsat TM and digital topographic data in ERMapper and ArcView; supply of hardware, software, peripherals and consumables and their subsequent installation for the establishment of a GIS for protected areas management; supply of solar equipment to enable distributed centres to operate their project management system.


1997 Planning Branch, Forestry Department, Kumasi - Ghana - ODA

Provision of training in pc ArcInfo, ArcView GIS and ERMapper to the Mapping Unit to enable production of planning and management outputs.


1997 Private Mineral Exploration Companies - Ghana

Advice on utilisation of satellite imagery followed by acquisition and processing of satellite data leading to the production of regional and concession based image maps at 1:100000 scale.


1994-6 Forestry Inventory and Management Project, Southern Ghana - Ghana - ODA

Production of a series of image-maps including Landsat TM imagery at 1:100,000 scale with the specific aim of providing up-to-date information to FIMP for forestry reserve management. The assignment includes the identification of appropriate band combinations, enhancement, mosaicing, geometric & radiometric correction and map production.


1992 Installation of GIS for Urban Planning Project - Accra - UNCHS (APDP)

System installation; provision of training and skills development in GIS to planners and draftspersons. To establish a capability in the use and application of GIS technology for planning and decision making for urban improvement.

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