1997-2000 Geomatics Consultancy - Oil and Gas - Shell

GISL Limited have been providing consultants and GIS and remote sensing expertise for use and development of this capacity (using ER Mapper and GenaMap as the main image processing and GIS respectively) with respect to urgent mapping and environmental monitoring needs in the Niger Delta. Applications have included establishment of environmental baseline mapping including land use/cover, time-lapse studies, assessment of encroachment on rights-of-way, pipeline option studies, hydrocarbon seepage mapping, GIS integration, and preparation and dissemination of image maps to support exploration and infrastructure planning. Data used has included RADARSAT, ERS-1/2, SPOT and Landsat TM/MSS. Training of local staff has been an integral component in both Warri and Port Harcourt.


1995 Kaduna State Water Supply IT/GIS Needs Assessment - African Development Bank

The modernisation of this water supply organisation includes an extensive appraisal of data collection, analysis and manipulation requirements in terms of human and technical resources, training and dissemination procedures for improved management, planning and decision making.


1995 Airborne Videography for LSWC Demand Estimation - World Bank

Lagos State Water Corporation (LSWC) will need to supply some 30 million people by 2020. To meet this demand requires an understanding not only of population growth dynamics but also of the distribution and density of those populations together with associated industrial and commercial demands. Existing data is out-of-date so the client adopted the emerging airborne videography technology as a means for discriminating urban populations on the basis of socio-economic zone and housing classification and thus to derive estimates of water demand.


1994 North East Arid Zone Programme, Yobe State - Nigeria - EC

External assistance to existing consultants to support installation of effective mapping solution.


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