1992 MIS for the Food Security - Coordination Unit - UK Consultancy Firm

Computer system installation; appropriate "on-the-job" training in available software; development of coding systems and databases for Information Centre; National Food Security Indicator System and Strategic Grain Reserve Requirements Model developed. To sustain FSCU activities regarding implementation of identified strategy, systems and methodologies.

1991 - 1992 Land Use Survey and Plan - South Kassala - Ministry of Agriculture (SKAP)

Extensive land use survey and planning programme for one of the major grain growing areas of the country. Image acquisition; hard copy interpretation in liaison with other consultants; generation of land use change maps; collection and collation of diverse datasets on water resources, land cover, farming systems for incorporation into a GIS; training of SKAP staff in GIS; analysis allowed maps showing land suitability and major land resource planning recommendations to be produced to accompany the report to the client.

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