1998-9 Environment Agency (EA) GIS Services - UK Government

Provision of GIS consultant to EA Worthing for ESRI applications development and cross-platform GIS data management.


1996-9 Environmental Heritage GIS Services - Northern Ireland - UK Government

Three year programme of assistance to the Environment and Heritage Service in Northern Ireland using firstly SPANS and latterly ArcView to map and subsequently maintain a database for the monitoring of water quality in the province.


1996 Digital Image Processing Assistance for Remote Sensing Control of Farm Declarations - UK - European Commission/MAFF

Provision of staffing assistance for this annual exercise using Laser-Scan IGIS software for the integration of different data sources including farm and parcel maps, Landsat TM and ERS-1 RADAR data and the production of statistics to assess accuracy and validity of claims/declarations.


1996 GIS study for evaluating the feasibility of management of a 1-million object parcel identification system under IACS - Italy/Portugal - European Commission

The study is to evaluate the feasibility of managing agricultural parcel identifiers, declared under the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) for the justification of European Union area-based subsidies using Geographic Information Systems. The goal of the study is to provide detailed information regarding three main areas of system development and operation:

the advantages and disadvantages that GIS techniques offer for handling of agricultural parcel identifiers;

the availability of GIS software on the market to handle the kind of datasets currently being collected for IACS in EU Member States;

the lessons to be learnt from the implementation of a prototype system, based upon already existing digital data in Italy and Portugal.


1993-date GIS and Remote Sensing Training Courses - UK

GISL have carried out a number of formal training courses in GIS and remote sensing on a number of platforms using various state-of-the-art software packages. Delegates (from Oman, Nigeria, Barbados, Brunei and UK) have been trained in numerous applications from land use to oil and gas exploration.


1992 Proposed Airport Extension Study - Birmingham International Airport - UK - UK Consultancy Firm

The proposed extension of this airport brings information management and presentation using GIS to the fore.


1992 Remote Sensing Applications Investigation - UK - British National Space Centre (BNSC)

The partners were instrumental in preparing the proposal for the commercialisation of remote sensing products through the development of standardised image processing and GIS algorithms and processes with specific reference to the coastal zone of West Africa.


1989-90 and 1992 Transport Routing and Environmental Study - UK - British Rail

The development of a major new transport corridor brought its own information collection, collation, management and handling requirements. The partners brought relevant GIS and environmental assessment experience to this exercise.


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